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Still incomplete, but oh well.

(Last updated on February 22, 2011)

That Kind of Story (YunJae)
Monopoly (YunJae)
Summer '06 (YunJae)
Transparent (Yunjae)
gays of demonic charm (HoSu)
Family (OT5, YunJae)
Requiem for a Dream (YunJae)
Prior To (YunJae)
Lifeline (YunJae)
Love Spectacle (YunJae)
Bubbly Shotgun (YunJae)
Maze (YunJae)
Suckerpunch Romance (Jaejoong/OC)
Insomnia (YooSu)
Two Men, A Baby and some Pirates (YunJae)
A Hole Nother Story (Changmin/DBSK)
Apartment 1509 (YunJae)
Sway (YooSu)
fifth (DBSK)
Bitter Candy (YunJae)
Reality Check (YunJae)- sequel to Bitter Candy
Denial (YunJae)- sequel to Reality Check
Five times Yunho chose DBSK over Changmin, and one time he didn't (HoMin)
The Band Leader's Job (or, Law School would've been easier) (DBSK)
Jung Yunho's biggest fan (HoMin)
Paper Hearts (HoMin)
Abberation (JaeMin)
Just a Cyworld Entry Away (YunJae)
A Firecracker sort of Love (HoMin)
one, two, plus a dash of love (DBSK)
Purple Lines (JaeMin)
Indented (HoMin)
Louder than words (HoMin)
Shop Boy (JaeMin/ HoMin)
Lemons (YunJae/ YooSu)
Jigsaw Boy (HoMin)
Saving DBSK (DBSK)
CK (HoMin)
of bookstores and word-vomit (JaeChun/HoMin)
Of Cheek-Gnawing and Leg-pasting (HoMin/JaeChun) [remix of the above]
The Subway Gang (DBSK)
This Charming Man (YooSu)
Stories (oo2: o6 drabbles) (YunJae)
The Buddy System (YunJae, Gen DBSK)
Of Pretty Boys and Paradoxes (YunJae)
the more you love someone, the more you want to kill them (JaeSu)
Boxers or Panties? (JaeChun)
Don't stop singing your lullaby (YunJae/YooSu/Gen DBSK)
Tough Love (and how it won't get you laid) (GenDBSK)
why don't you fall in love with me? (HoMin)
Non Compos Mentis (YunJae)

memento vivere (Jonghyun/Taemin)

Death Note
Still Alive (Near)

Election (Akame)

69 (JayHo)

Two Million Reasons (OhnoMiya)

Growing Pains (DBSK/SHINee)
Dear Heechul-sshi (Yunho/Heechul)
 Junsu's Demise (The Big Bang Theory) (DBSK/Big Bang)